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Cambodia's first robotics factory

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Create a living code - Robot Makes Robot.


Transform Cambodia to be a robotic nation.


Become a leading Robotics Factory in Asia by 2050. Bring Cambodia to join the club of robotics nations. Make Cambodia become technology independence and sovereign.

AI Farm Robotic Factory, a subsidiary of Khamsa Group of Businesses (KGB), is a technology-driven company based in Phnom Penh, the capital of The Kingdom of Cambodia. The company specializes in various aspects of robotics and automation, offering a wide range of products and services.

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Factoryx TEch product

Made in CAmbodia

RobotYoung academy

Build workforce 4.0 for new global economy

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Our labs


Build Cambodia to be the robotic microfactory of the world.

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Build a convenient world for ordinary peoples.

Mission: Build Cambodia to be a smart country. A Living Chip.

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Create 1 million impact in STEAM education in Cambodia/ Build Workforce 4.0 for New Industrial 4.0 Economy.

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UAVx drone

Mission: Build a living flying vehicle.

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We provided 101 service from consultation, product design, product development, testing, maintenance & service support for production & manufacturing.

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Vision ai

Mission: Build the ultimate computing vision.

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Mission: Create robotics engineering modeling for education and industrial support.

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factory i/o

Mission: Automate 0.75M SME factories in Cambodia.

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factory ai

Mission: Build factory ai 4.0 producing infinite ai algorithm, circuit &mathematical modeling for industrial automation.

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